Meditation = Academic Success

Medi Tation

There’s a lot going on in our children’s lives today.   The external influences are the most unheard of in human history.  Peer pressure, electronic devices, media, out and about in public are just some of the few that has more negative affects on our children than positive.  Especially when it comes to where they will be spending the most of their days.  In School.   Many parents struggle to find a simple cost effective way to help their children stay engaged and perform well in school while blocking out the many distractions they are faced with.

KJ has developed her unique form of meditation derived from what was taught to her growing up and studied on her own to incorporate in her Tutoring when it was necessary to calm her students down and instill in them when and how to use what they have learned when they are feeling frustrated and want to give up while doing their school work in class, doing homework and during testing.  

Meditation for Students

Sign up for our First ever program being held at the Miramar Public Library.  We have several dates you can choose to enroll your child in.