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Tutors reenforce what your child is learning in school and also acts as a learning and organizational coach all during one-on-one sessions.  No distractions from other children in class.


We will determine what core academic areas your child is strong and weak in to develop a personalized academic plan for them.  During this evaluation we can also determine which is your child’s best learning mode.


The best practices to prepare your child to take their everyday quizzes, tests, and exams that will be tailored to their learning style.

Little girl meditating while sitting in lotus position on grass.

Teaches your child different techniques to assist them in mindfulness, focus and daily school life.

Daily meditation has proven to help children control their emotions and everyday interactions.


Parental Strategies

Most overlooked when looking into Tutoring options for your child and has become a popular service we provide to parents.  We all know your child’s success does not stop and start with a Tutor.   Parents will be a driving force behind their child’s continued success when the Tutor is not available.  We will ensure you have the basic tools at your disposal to help you overcome your anxiety.


Sometimes your kids just need some help with their homework and you can’t help them all the time due to your daily duties.  Our Tutors can!
We will help them to complete their homework assignments and review it prior to submitting to their teachers.

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Meditation for Students

Sign up for our First ever program being held at the Miramar Public Library.  We have several dates you can choose to enroll your child in.